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The artificial intelligence industry chain includes

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As the hottest technology in the current technology field, artificial intelligence has attracted the attention of many people inside and outside the industry.

The artificial intelligence industry chain includes

However, the information we pay attention to every day is mostly the investment and financing market in the field of artificial intelligence, the dynamics of artificial intelligence unicorn companies, the layout of technology giants in the field of artificial intelligence, Technology research and development in the field of artificial intelligence, etc., rarely stop to sort out the artificial intelligence industry chain. However, if we want to pay more in-depth and long-term attention to artificial intelligence, we must first clearly sort out the artificial intelligence industry chain. (Recommended learning: web front-end video tutorial)

The artificial intelligence industry chain includes AI technology, underlying hardware (AI chips, visual sensors), application fields (smart homes, smart hardware , robots, autonomous driving, and industry applications), giving everyone a comprehensive and clear understanding of the artificial intelligence industry.

Artificial Intelligence Chip Manufacturer

NVIDIA: With its image processor with recognition and labeling functions, NVIDIA has taken the lead before the rise of artificial intelligence. Take control of this opportunity in one step. In 2016, Nvidia released a number of chips for deep learning, such as the Tesla P100 GPU released in April that can perform deep learning neural network tasks, and the deep learning chip based on Pascal architecture released in September. Tesla P4 and Tesla P40, among which, the Pascal architecture can accelerate deep learning by 65 times.

arm: 85% of the world’s smart mobile devices adopt the ARM architecture. Among them, more than 95% of smart phones use ARM processors. With the rapid development of smart hardware and the Internet of Things, ARM has Absolute status.

Intel: As the development momentum of artificial intelligence in the financial industry continues to grow, Intel will provide software and hardware support for the financial industry. After acquiring startup Nervana, Intel will release its latest application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) called Lake Crest at a later date. This processor is optimized for deep learning - a technology inspired by the neural networks of the human brain that is the core of artificial intelligence. Intel plans to integrate Nervana technology with its Xeon processors in a project called Knights Crest. By 2020, its performance is expected to increase by 100 times.

Main Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Vision

Megvii Technology: Megvii Technology Face is a company based on deep learning, An artificial intelligence company with computer vision as its core, it has world-leading intelligent algorithms, hardware technology, and industry solutions. With the two core products of artificial intelligence cloud services and intelligent interconnection, Megvii takes deep learning and IoT sensing technology as its core, and is based on its own original deep learning algorithm engine Brain. It is deeply involved in financial security, urban security, mobile AR, and commercial IoT. , the five core industries of industrial robots, are committed to providing enterprise-level users with world-leading artificial intelligence products and industry solutions.

Voice Recognition

SPEED: SPIC was founded in 2007 in the Cambridge High-tech Zone in the UK. The founders are all from Cambridge. In 2008, they returned to China and settled in Suzhou; they are the owners. Machine conversation technology, one of the few companies in the world with independent property rights, comprehensive Chinese and English speech technology (speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, intelligent interactive decision-making, voiceprint recognition, gender and age recognition, emotion recognition, etc.). Its speech recognition, voiceprint recognition, spoken dialogue system and other technologies have repeatedly won championships in the evaluations of the National Bureau of Standards, the U.S. Department of Defense, and international research institutions. They represent the international cutting-edge level of technology and have been rated by the Chinese and British governments. high-tech enterprises.


Lingsheng Robot: Lingsheng Robot is an intelligent telephone sales and customer service interaction developed by Hangzhou Shengxun Network Technology Co., Ltd. based on natural language processing and other artificial intelligence technologies. The call system (AI traffic system) is different from the traditional call center or telemarketing system. Based on the call system, Lingsheng Robot adds speech recognition, human-computer interaction, semantic understanding and other technologies, replacing manual calls through intelligent outbound calls. Sales make phone calls to achieve the purpose of filtering and selecting potential customers. Telemarketing robots will replace 80% of repetitive labor and comprehensively improve sales efficiency.

Smart Home

QQ IoT: "QQ IoT Intelligent Hardware Open Platform" was released, integrating QQ account system and relationship chain, QQ message channel capabilities and other core capabilities , provided to partners in wearable devices, smart homes, smart vehicles, traditional hardware and other fields to achieve interconnection and interaction between users and devices and devices, and make full use of Tencent QQ's hundreds of millions of mobile clients and cloud services advantages, helping traditional industries realize Internetization on a larger scale.

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