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What does apache do?

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What does apache do?

What does Apache do?

#1: Apache, transliterated as Apache, is a tribe of North American Indians called the Apache tribe in the southwestern United States. According to legend, Apache was a warrior who was brave and invincible. He was regarded by the Indians as a representative of bravery and victory. Therefore, later generations named the Indian tribe after him, and the Apache tribe It is also known for its toughness in Indian history. Everything else evolved based on the above consciousness.

2: Apache is the name of a software foundation. The apache you are talking about should refer to the Apache HTTP Server, which is the apache server. It is an open source server software managed by the Apache Software Foundation and can be understood as an application on a computer.

Simply put, its function is to turn your computer into a server, allowing your computer to open a specific network port to receive HTTP requests sent to this machine from the network. content and respond accordingly.

3: APACHE is a network server. This server listens to a TCP port, usually 80, interprets the commands received on the port, and then submits some results. The main commands explained by APACHE are GET and POST, which generally correspond to the client entering an address in the browser, clicking a link in the browser, and submitting a form.

When APACHE interprets GET and POST commands, if the object of GET and POST is a general file such as HTML, CSS, JS, RAR, TXT, etc., it will directly send the content of the file back to the client;

If the object is a PHP file, APACHE starts the PHP.EXE program (the name is different on UNIX, and the details of installing it as a module are different, here are just examples), and passes the file and calling parameters to PHP .EXE, and then feed back the execution results of PHP.EXE to the client.

PHP can call various libraries to perform various functions, the most typical one is querying the database. PHP.EXE interprets and executes the statements in the PHP text file. It is generally not translated before execution, just like batch processing.

APACHE can configure multiple filters similar to PHP. All XXX files are submitted to XXX.EXE for execution, and the executed content is sent to the browser, and other files are sent directly. APACHE is so simple and mechanically executed.

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