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What is front-end development? What does front-end development mean?

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What is front-end development? What does front-end development do? What does web front-end development do? I believe that many novices who have just started will have such questions. The following php Chinese website will give you detailed knowledge about front-end development.

1: What is front-end development? What does front-end development mean

Front-end development is mainly for users to create web pages, or front-end pages of some apps, and present them to users. Developers can use some front-end codes, such as html and Various front-end frameworks and front-end technologies have been developed in languages ​​​​such as css and js to realize the interaction of user pages of various products. We all know that early pages were static, mainly with pictures and files as the main content. , and there are no cool special effects as above, but with the development of web page production, simple pages cannot meet the requirements of users, and more functional effects can be experienced. At the same time, the rapid development of html5 and css3 has made web pages become More beautiful and better user experience.

2: Front-end core technology

1.HTML language

html is a hypertext markup language that can implement web pages and The browser shows that HTML is the language used in the World Wide Web, and it is also a language widely used on the Internet. In other words, learning HTML well is a skill that must be mastered to become a web developer. [Recommended tutorial: HTML tutorial]


css is a language used to express HTML. It is mainly used by users to modify web pages. You can also format various elements with various scripting languages. [Recommended tutorial: CSS video tutorial]


JavaScript is also an important language in front-end development. js was the first to be used in web pages and is mainly used for Client-side scripting language and adds dynamic functionality to web pages. [Recommended tutorial: JavaScript video tutorial]

The above is about what front-end development is? For a complete introduction to what front-end development means, and for more knowledge about front-end development, please pay attention to the PHP Chinese website.

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