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Is python front-end or back-end?

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Python belongs to back-end development. Python is a high-level scripting language that combines interpretability, compilation, interactivity and object-oriented. Python is designed to be highly readable. Compared with other languages, it often uses English keywords and some punctuation marks in other languages. It has a more distinctive grammatical structure than other languages. It plays an extremely important role in back-end development. [Recommended tutorial: Python video tutorial]

Is python front-end or back-end?

Python Features:

1. Easy to learn: Python has relatively few keys Words, simple structure, and a clearly defined syntax make it easier to learn

2. Easy to read: Python code is more clearly defined.

3. Easy to maintain: The success of Python is that its source code is quite easy to maintain.

4. An extensive standard library: One of Python’s biggest advantages is its rich library, which is cross-platform and compatible with UNIX, Windows and Macintosh.

5. Interactive mode: Interactive mode support, you can enter the language to execute the code from the terminal and get the results, interactive testing and debugging code snippets.

6. Portable: Based on its open source nature, Python has been ported to many platforms.

7. Extensible: If you need a critical piece of code that runs very fast, or want to write some algorithms that you don’t want to open up, you can use C or C to complete that part of the program, and then start it from your Python called in the program.

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