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what is ie browser

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IE browser is a browser launched by Microsoft. It is the default operating system in Windows systems and has very strong compatibility. When users use Windows operating systems, they do not need to download and install IE browser. .

what is ie browser

#The operating environment of this article: Windows 7 system, Dell G3 computer, ie11 version.

I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with the IE browser, and can even be said to be very familiar with it. So what is the IE browser? The following PHP Chinese website will introduce you to the IE browser.

1: What is Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a browser launched by Microsoft. It is the default operating system in Windows systems and is very powerful. Compatibility, when users use the Windows operating system, there is no need to download and install the IE browser. Compared with other browsers, the experience of Internet Explorer is not that good.

More and more web content is inseparable from the browser. Nowadays, many people mostly use Internet Explorer. The browser system determines the location of resources based on links and displays the information that the user is interested in. Extract it, translate the html, and finally display the text image to the user.

IE browser is a free browser. The biggest advantage of using IE is that there is no need to download it. However, many developers like to use Google and do not have a good impression of IE browser.

2: The security of IE

An important reason why many users do not use IE browser is security. Some advertisements take advantage of IE’s security vulnerabilities, causing viruses to run rampant , and there are also malicious installations of software. Of course, this is also the reason why there are relatively few users of the IE browser.

3: IE browser version

Currently, the IE browser has also been updated to many versions. From the original IE1 to the current IE11, there are a total of 11 versions. After that, the new Windows system was released, which brought an update to the IE version.

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The above is a complete introduction to what the IE browser is, if you want to To learn more about operation and maintenance, please pay attention to the php Chinese website.

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