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How to change taptap password taptap password change method

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Do you want to change your TAPTAP password? PHP editor Strawberry learned that TAPTAP no longer uses passwords to log in. Users can only modify their login mobile phone number. If you would like the latest information on TAPTAP password changes, please continue reading below for details.

taptap密码怎么修改 taptap密码修改方法

How to change taptap password

1. First enter taptap and click "Avatar" in the upper right corner.

taptap密码怎么修改 taptap密码修改方法

2. Then click "Settings" on the left.

taptap密码怎么修改 taptap密码修改方法

3. Select "Account and Security" in the settings.

taptap密码怎么修改 taptap密码修改方法

4. Finally, you can see the "mobile phone number" in the modified information,

Because you can't change the password now, you can log in directly through mobile phone verification,

So changing the mobile phone number means changing the password.

taptap密码怎么修改 taptap密码修改方法

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