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How to play Huobi futures

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Huobi futures trading is a derivatives trading that allows traders to bet on the price movement of cryptocurrencies without holding them and provides leverage. The steps to participate in contract trading include: 1. Open a trading account; 2. Deposit funds; 3. Select a contract; 4. Select a position type; 5. Select a leverage; 6. Place an order; 7. Track an order; 8. Close a position. It should be noted that contract trading carries high risks, so you need to be cautious when using leverage.

How to play Huobi futures

Huobi Futures Trading Guide

What is Huobi Futures Trading?

Huobi futures trading is a derivative that allows traders to bet on the future movement of cryptocurrency prices without actually owning the cryptocurrency. Contract trading provides traders with leverage, making it possible to achieve higher profits with a smaller initial capital.

How to participate in Huobi futures trading?

1. Open a trading account

Go to the Huobi official website, register and verify your identity.

2. Deposit funds

Add assets to your trading account for futures trading.

3. Choose a contract

Huobi offers a variety of cryptocurrency contracts, including BTC, ETH, SOL and DOT. Select the contract you are interested in.

4. Select position type

  • Long position: You predict that the cryptocurrency price will increase, so you buy a contract.
  • Short Position: You predict that the cryptocurrency price will fall, so you sell the contract.

5. Choose Leverage

Leverage is the ratio of your initial capital to the borrowed capital. The higher the leverage, the greater your potential profits and losses. Choose leverage carefully to avoid the risk of liquidation.

6. Place an order

Enter your contract quantity, price and leverage, then place the order.

7. Track your orders

Your orders will appear in your trading history. You can track its current price and profit and loss at any time.

8. Close the position

When you reach the expected goal or can't bear the risk, you need to close the position to realize your profit or stop loss.


  • Contract trading is a high-risk investment, please be sure to understand its risks before participating.
  • Leverage trading will amplify your profits and losses, please use it with caution.
  • Always use stop loss orders to manage your risk.
  • Only trade what you can afford.

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