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How to review Bitcoin contracts

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Bitcoin contract review refers to reviewing and analyzing the transaction after the transaction is completed, with the purpose of summarizing experiences and lessons and improving strategies. The steps are: record transaction details, analyze market conditions, evaluate trading strategies, analyze transaction results, summarize experiences and lessons, and finally set follow-up actions. Through review, traders can improve their decision-making capabilities, identify the pros and cons of strategies, avoid mistakes, and enhance discipline and confidence.

How to review Bitcoin contracts

Bitcoin Contract Review Guide

What is Bitcoin Contract Review?

Bitcoin contract review refers to the process of reviewing and analyzing the transaction after the Bitcoin contract transaction ends or after a period of time, with the purpose of summarizing experiences and lessons and improving future trading strategies.

Review steps

  1. Record transaction details

    • Transaction time and date
    • Buy or sell contract type (perpetual or delivery contract)
    • Buy or sell price
    • Contract Quantity
    • Closing time and date
    • Closing price
  2. Analysis of market conditions

    • Bitcoin price trend before and after the transaction
    • News or events that mainly affect the price
    • Contract liquidity of the trading platform and premium situation
  3. Evaluate the trading strategy

    • The logic and basis of the transaction
    • The strategy of setting the take-profit and stop-loss levels
    • Position management strategy
    • Whether there is any emotional trading
  4. Analyze trading results

    • Profit or loss amount
    • Profit and loss ratio
    • Reasons for successful or failed transactions
  5. Summary of experiences and lessons learned

    • Aspects of good performance in trading
    • Things that need improvement Aspects
    • Methods that can be used to improve future trading strategies
  6. Set follow-up actions

    • Update trading strategies
    • Adjust position management methods
    • Look for more trading opportunities
    • Continue to learn and improve trading skills

The importance of review

Review helps traders:

  • Understand their own trading behavior and decision-making process
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of trading strategies
  • Avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Improve trading discipline and risk management capabilities
  • Enhance trading confidence

As of 17:00 on July 1, 2024, Bitcoin (BTC)

  • was quoted at $62,804.29
  • The 24-hour trading volume reached $209.96 billion
  • Price surged 2.07% in the past 24 hours

Circulating supply: 19,719,003 units, accounting for 93.9% of the total supply

Circulating market capitalization: $1.24 trillion, solidifying its position as the world’s leading cryptocurrency

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