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How to calculate contract transaction fees

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Contract transaction fees are stipulated by the exchange. The specific calculation formula is: Handling fee = Handling rate × Contract value × Contract quantity. Factors that affect handling fees include order type (market order or limit order), trading direction (opening or closing), contract type (perpetual contract or delivery contract), and trading volume.

How to calculate contract transaction fees

Contract transaction fee calculation guide

The calculation method of contract transaction fee varies from exchange to exchange, but the following factors are usually considered:

1. Order type:

  • Market order: immediate execution, The handling fee is higher
  • Limit order: The transaction is executed at the specified price, the handling fee is lower

2. Transaction direction:

  • Opening (buy/sell): There is a handling fee for opening a position (usually higher)
  • Closing: lower handling fee

3. Contract type:

  • perpetual contract (no expiry time): lower handling fee
  • delivery contract (with expiration time): lower handling fee High

4. Trading volume:

The larger the trading volume, the higher the handling fee

Fee calculation formula:

Fee = handling rate × contract value × number of contracts


Handling rate: the handling fee percentage specified by the exchange.
Contract value: The value of the underlying asset corresponding to each contract.
Number of contracts: The number of contracts traded by the trader.


Suppose a trader conducts BTC perpetual contract transactions on exchange A, the handling fee is 0.05%, the contract value is US$50,000, and the transaction quantity is 1 contract.

Opening fee:

Handling fee = 0.05% × 50,000 USD × 1 lot = 25 USD

Closing fee:
Assuming that the trader closes the position after 2 hours, the exchange charges a closing fee The rate is 0.02%.

Fee = 0.02% × 50,000 USD × 1 lot = 10 USD

Therefore, the total handling fee that the trader needs to pay in this transaction is 25 USD (opening) + 10 USD (closing) = 35 USD .

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