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Is there an overnight fee in the okex contract?

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Yes, an overnight fee will be charged when OKEx contracts are held overnight. The calculation formula is: overnight fee = contract face value × overnight interest rate factor × position holding time.

Is there an overnight fee in the okex contract?

Is there an overnight fee for OKEx contracts?

Answer: Yes, OKEx contracts charge an overnight fee when a position is held overnight.


Holding a position overnight in OKEx contract trading means continuing to hold a contract position after the market closes on the contract expiration date. OKEx charges an overnight fee for contract positions held overnight.

The calculation formula for overnight fee is:

Overnight fee = Contract face value Overnight interest rate factor Holding time

  • Contract face value: Usually the contract value multiplied by the contract size.
  • Overnight interest rate factor: Dynamicly adjusted by OKEx based on market conditions and funding rates.
  • Hold time: refers to the length of time a position is held overnight, usually calculated in days.

Overnight fee is an important cost in contract trading and needs to be considered in trading decisions. The longer the position is held, the higher the overnight fee is. Therefore, if the market is expected to be volatile or the market trend cannot be predicted, it is recommended to close the position before the contract expires to avoid excessive overnight fees.

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