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How much is a Huobi contract?

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The Huobi contract price depends on the contract type and leverage: perpetual contracts have no expiration date, while delivery contracts have expiration dates. Leverage magnifies capital and determines potential returns and risks (range: 1x to 125x). Contract price calculation formula: contract price = underlying price * leverage multiple.

How much is a Huobi contract?

The price of each Huobi contract depends on the contract type and leverage

Huobi contract type

  • Perpetual contract: no expiration date
  • Delivery contract: with expiry date , must be settled at maturity

Leverage multiple

  • Fund amplification multiple
  • Determines potential returns and risks
  • Huobi.com provides leverage multiples from 1x to 125x

Contract price calculation formula

的 Contract price = target price* leverage multiple

For example, Bitcoin perpetual contract: the target price is 20,000 US dollars, leverage 10 times

contract price = 20,000 US dollars* 10 times = 200,000 US dollars

Ethereum delivery contract: underlying price 1,500 USD, leverage 5 times

  • Contract price = 1,500 USD * 5 times = 7,500 USD
Notes 🎜🎜🎜🎜The contract price fluctuates with the underlying price 🎜 🎜The higher the leverage, the greater the returns and risks🎜🎜The leverage should be chosen based on risk tolerance and trading strategy🎜🎜

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