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"Jianwang Sanwu Jie" Chunyang gameplay introduction

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Jianwang Sanwujie Chunyang, a mysterious and powerful sect, attracts the attention of countless players with its unique martial arts and gameplay. In Jianwang No. 3 Middle School, Chunyang Sect is an ancient sect with profound martial arts foundation, and its secret book "Chunyang Wuji Kung" is a unique skill in the martial arts world. As a branch of the Chunyang sect, Wujie Chunyang's gameplay is different from traditional Chunyang, and has its own characteristics in PVP and PVE. PHP editor Zimo will take you to deeply understand the mystery of Wujie Chunyang, reveal its martial arts secrets and practical combat skills, allowing you to enjoy the martial arts world of Jian Wang San.

Introduction to Chunyang gameplay

Sect mentality choice

1. Taixu Sword Intent

Jian Chun is Taixu Sword Intent, which is more suitable for close combat and rapid output.

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

2. Zixia Gong

Pure Heart is Zixia Gong, which is suitable for players who like long-range attacks and controlling the battlefield. Zixia Gong has very powerful long-range attack capabilities.

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

Taixu Sword Intent

1. Players can get close to the enemy and cause continuous damage.

2. In the PVE environment, Taixu Sword Intent can help players quickly clean up mobs.

3. In PVP, it can cause a fatal blow to the enemy in a short period of time.

4. Taixu Sword Intent also performs very well in duels, and can use its high explosive power to quickly end the battle.

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

Zixia Gong

For pure-hearted players, Zixia Gong has strong long-range attack capabilities.

1. It is in a PVP environment, allowing players to cause huge damage at a safe distance.

2. In team battles, Zixia Gong players can use their advantages to provide support to their teammates while maintaining suppression of the enemy.

3. When fighting some specific bosses, Zixia Gong can take advantage of long-range to avoid direct physical attacks, thereby reducing damage.

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

Jianwang Sanwu Jie Chunyang gameplay introduction

Equipment selection

1. Pure-hearted players need to improve their long-range attack power and hit rate to ensure that they can achieve the maximum effect.

2. Jianchun players should pay attention to their melee damage and defense capabilities.

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