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"Adventure Battle" archer mount matching plan

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In "Adventure Battle", the archer profession is the leader in combo-style play. When selecting skills and companions, priority should be given to combos, critical hits, attack speed and damage-increasing attributes. Choosing the right mount can effectively restrain the opponent's dodge attribute and improve combat efficiency. Below, PHP editor Yuzai brings you an archer mount matching plan to help you create a powerful output lineup. Read on for more details.

Adventure Battle archer mount matching plan

"Adventure Battle" Archer Mount Matching Plan

Mount Matching Plan

Those who want to better restrain the superimposed dodge attribute For mages, it is recommended to choose Fenji Breaking Heart, a high-level mount that can ignore dodge.

In order to continue to improve the ignore dodge attribute in the middle and late stages, it is necessary to continuously increase the level of Fenji Broken Heart (10 Flying Riding Orders can be exchanged for one Fenji Broken Heart).

How to obtain the Flying Riding Order

Obtain through limited-time sprint activities

Limited-time sprint activities are divided into two categories, namely the big sprint that lasts for one week, and the sprint that lasts for three days Small sprint; big sprint includes spiritual sprint, technology sprint, relic sprint and spirit sprint; small sprint includes mount sprint, companion sprint and skill sprint.

After entering the top 20 in the big sprint ranking, you can get 2~10 flying riding orders

After entering the top 20 in the big sprint ranking, you can get 1~3 flying riding orders

Adventure Battle archer mount matching plan

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