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How to use MapGIS for newbies MapGIS Tutorial for Newbies

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MapGIS Beginner Tutorial Novices will inevitably encounter many problems when learning MapGIS. PHP editor Strawberry brings you a MapGIS novice tutorial. It starts from the entry point, is comprehensive and easy to understand, and helps novices solve problems. The following is a tutorial for newbies to MapGIS, explaining in detail how to get started with MapGIS. Newbies, hurry up and follow the editor to learn together!

First, open MapGIS, click] Enter Edit [Subsystem, set the default settings in each dialog box that pops up, click the OK [button], create a new engineering system, in the New Engineering System column Then, click the [Load Raster File] command under the Vectorize menu to load the raster file to be vectorized.

MapGIS新手怎么使用 MapGIS新手教程

Then you need to read the image, layer it, and create point, line, and surface files. Here, we take creating point files as an example. The methods for creating line and surface files are similar.

MapGIS新手怎么使用 MapGIS新手教程

Then in the project management window on the left, right-click, select the New Point [command in the pop-up shortcut menu, the New Point File dialog box will pop up, name it and click] Just create a button.

MapGIS新手怎么使用 MapGIS新手教程

Select each file in the current editing state in turn, right-click, and in the pop-up shortcut menu, select Save Project [, on the left] Project Management [window , right-click, and in the pop-up dialog box, select Save Project【.

MapGIS新手怎么使用 MapGIS新手教程

The above is the detailed content of How to use MapGIS for newbies MapGIS Tutorial for Newbies. For more information, please follow other related articles on the PHP Chinese website!

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