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Tether CEO fights back against FUD! Ripple CEO explains: It is not an attack on the stable currency USDT

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Tether CEO反击FUD!Ripple CEO解释:并非攻击稳定币USDT

Yesterday (13), Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino countered through tweets some companies or individuals questioning the security of its stablecoin USDT and the company; every word seems to point to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s remarks in a podcast last week stated that the US government is targeting Tether as a regulatory target.

Tether CEO counters USDT FUD

Paolo Ardoino first pointed out the target of the accusation, saying that the figure was spreading rumors and panic about USDT: According to reports, a uniformed CEO, led A company that has launched a competitive stablecoin and is under investigation by the SEC is spreading panic about USDT.

It is understood that Ardoino’s remarks are widely considered to be a response to a previous statement by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who talked about Tether’s current regulatory situation in the World Class Podcast last Friday: I am very clear. Know that the US government is targeting Tether as the next regulatory target.

This is consistent with the previous position of Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, who believes that Tether itself has regulatory issues and there is too much uncertainty in its stablecoin.

Then, Tether also emphasized that even though it continues to be scrutinized by the US government, the company has been committed to taking strict measures to prevent criminals from using its stable currency; it also cooperates with various law enforcement agencies to assist in the seizure of illegal income .

Tether spokesperson: If you have the guts, you can make a more successful stablecoin

On the other hand, a Tether spokesperson also told The Block: We hope that the new technology launched by the Ripple team will Stablecoins are able to achieve their greatest success ever.

It is reported that Tether, with a current market value of approximately US$111 billion, is not the first time that it has been questioned, nor is it the first time that it has responded to other people's comments.

Previously, in the face of JPMorgan Chase’s statement that Tether’s excessive dominance of the encryption market was worrying; Ardoino countered this, saying that as a financial giant, the company’s remarks were even more hypocritical.

Ripple CEO explained: It was not an attack on Tether

Seeing the controversy, Garlinghouse also left a message under the tweet, saying that his mention of Tether in the podcast was not for the purpose of attacking: I This is not to attack Tether. I also mentioned in the podcast that I think Tether is a very important part of the encryption ecosystem.

And added, "I mean, the U.S. government has made it clear that they want to tighten their control over the issuers of U.S. dollar-based stablecoins; so Tether, as the largest market player currently, is the first to bear the brunt. ."

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