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Apple macOS 15 Sequoia released: comes with new iPhone mirroring feature

2024-06-11 21:19:08454browse

At the WWDC2024 conference early this morning, Beijing time, Apple officially released the macOS 15 Sequoia operating system. In addition to introducing several new features of iOS 18, macOS 15 Sequoia also brings a brand new feature - iPhone mirroring.

苹果 macOS 15 Sequoia 发布:附带全新 iPhone 镜像功能

The iPhone mirroring function allows users to view and control iPhone directly on Mac. The entire iPhone screen will be mirrored to Mac, including all icons, home screen, apps, etc. Users can open any iPhone app directly on their Mac, and iPhone sounds will be played through their Mac. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone can remain locked during the mirroring process to ensure user privacy.

macOS 15 Sequoia also introduces the ability to display iPhone notifications to Mac, where these notifications will appear side by side with Mac’s own notifications. Users can also easily transfer files between Mac and iPhone by dragging and dropping directly on the Mac.

Additionally, macOS now automatically resizes app windows to tile them and fill the screen, taking advantage of the maximum screen real estate.

macOS 15 also includes a new standalone Passwords app that allows users to manage Wi-Fi passwords, app and website passwords, verification codes, and more. Passwords are synced across devices, and macOS uses the AutoFill feature to fill them in the Passwords app. The Passwords app is also available on Windows, thanks to the iCloud app for Windows.

Safari has also become smarter, using artificial intelligence technology to automatically highlight useful information on web pages, such as map directions or video content.

苹果 macOS 15 Sequoia 发布:附带全新 iPhone 镜像功能

macOS 15 Sequoia will be released to the general public this fall, with a developer beta available now and a public beta launching this month.

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