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How to find videos in Quark How to find videos

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How to easily find video resources on "Quark"? If you're a Quark user, you may find yourself looking for a wealth of video resources. However, you may be confused about how to find the specific resource you want. In order to solve this problem, PHP editor Xiaoxin has specially prepared this guide, which will guide you step by step to understand the video search function of "Quark". Read on and we'll show you how to easily find your favorite videos to watch.

How to find video resources

1. Open "Quark Browser" and click "Select" on the homepage.

夸克怎么找影片 找影片的操作方法

#2. After that, you can enter high-quality short films and select the type of short film.

夸克怎么找影片 找影片的操作方法

3. After that, you can enter the film library and select the video you need.

夸克怎么找影片 找影片的操作方法

4. Finally enter the page and click play.

夸克怎么找影片 找影片的操作方法

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