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When will the Tooth Fairy be revived in "Back to the Future 1999"?

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The Tooth Fairy character in "Back to the Future 1999" is about to be reappeared. Friends who missed the previous recruitment finally have a chance to get it! Want to know the specific time and related information about the Tooth Fairy’s revival? Please continue reading, php editor Zimo will bring you a detailed introduction to the replica, so that you can understand the Tooth Fairy's skills, acquisition methods and lineup combination, helping you to be invincible in the game!

When will the Tooth Fairy be revived in Back to the Future 1999?

When will the 1999 Back to the Future Tooth Fairy be revived?

▶▶Update notice for rotation solicitation◀◀

The "Fairy Wings into the Night" rotation solicitation will be opened after the "Free Swing" rotation solicitation ends. The six-star inspired character [Tooth Fairy] has an increased chance of being invited!

▶▶Solicitation opening time◀◀

5/28 5:00 — 6/11 4:59

▶▶UP character◀◀

★★★★★★: Tooth Fairy (star)

★★★★★:Xia Li (Star), Horror Pass (Rock)

▶▶Solicitation instructions◀◀

※The probability of being invited to the recruitment of the above characters will be greatly increased.

※The rotating collection belongs to [Limited Time Character Collection], and the guaranteed number of collections will be completely shared with similar collections. At the same time, the invitation probability increased by accumulating times will also be inherited to subsequent limited time character collection activities.

※You can click the [Details] button in the lower left corner of the collection interface in the game to check more collection information.

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