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How to get fatigue potion in Dungeon and Fighter Origins

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In "Dungeon and Fighter Origins", physical strength is the key for players to obtain precious items and props. It's crucial to know how to gain stamina, and one of the most effective ways is to use a fatigue potion. PHP editor Xigua will introduce you in detail how to obtain and use fatigue potion in the game, so that you can always maintain sufficient physical strength and easily obtain the resources you need.

How to get fatigue potion in Dungeon and Fighter Origins

How to obtain fatigue medicine in Dungeon and Fighter Origins

1. Activity rewards, participate in activities to get them, complete activities to get a lot of rewards, DNF mobile game will Events are held frequently, which may contain fatigue potions.

2. [Demon Realm Anti-Fatigue Secret Medicine], you can take it up to three times a day. There are fatigue medicines with 1 fatigue point, 5 fatigue points, 10 fatigue points, 20 fatigue points, and 50 fatigue points. The prices are respectively 5 Warrior Coins, 10 Warrior Coins, 20 Warrior Coins, 40 Warrior Coins, and 80 Warrior Coins.

3. Level up the energy station, and then replenish it by receiving the level up energy blessing bag. Enter the welfare interface in the game and click [Level Up Energy Blessing Bag].

4. Obtain the gift pack. Players can get the Adventurer's Departure gift pack from the Mall - Gift Pack. In one gift pack, you can get a magic anti-fatigue secret potion. The potion can restore 10 points of fatigue points.

5. Battle Pass Reward: Players with a Battle Pass can receive a fatigue value gift pack every 10 levels.

6. For help from friends, when the fatigue value is almost exhausted every day, click the + next to the fatigue value in the upper left corner to ask friends for help.

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