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Unable to format USB flash drive? 3 possible reasons and solutions revealed

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Troubled by being unable to format the USB flash drive? As a daily storage tool, USB flash drives occasionally fall into the dilemma of being unable to be formatted. In order to help you easily deal with this problem, PHP editor Apple has specially compiled the common reasons and solutions for USB disk formatting problems. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of these three factors and provide practical solutions to help you efficiently solve USB flash drive formatting problems and restore data storage functions.

Unable to format USB flash drive? 3 possible reasons and solutions revealed

Tool materials:

System version: Windows 11 22H2

Brand model: Kingston DataTraveler Exodia DTX 32GB

Software version: DiskGenius

1. The U disk is physically damaged and cannot be formatted

Frequent use or improper storage of the U disk may cause physical damage, such as loose interfaces, damaged circuit boards, etc. In this case, the USB flash drive cannot be recognized by the computer and naturally cannot be formatted.

Solution: If it is confirmed that it is physically damaged, it is recommended to send it to a professional data recovery agency for detection and data recovery. If it is seriously damaged, you can only replace the USB flash drive with a new one.

2. The U disk file system is damaged and cannot be formatted

The file system is the basis for the normal operation of the U disk. When the file system is damaged, the computer cannot correctly read the data in the U disk. It cannot be formatted either.

Solution: You can try to use a professional U disk repair tool such as DiskGenius to repair the file system. The operation steps are as follows:

1. Run DiskGenius, find the problem U disk, and click "File System Check".

2. Select "Check and fix current file system errors" and click "Start".

3. Wait for the repair to be completed before trying to format the USB flash drive.

3. U disk virus infection leads to inability to format

U disk virus is also one of the common reasons why U disk cannot be formatted. The virus will modify the boot sector of the USB flash drive, hide the files in the USB flash drive, etc., and interfere with the formatting operation.

Solution: First use professional anti-virus software such as Kaspersky and Norton to fully scan and kill the USB flash drive. Then use DiskGenius's "Clear by Sector" function to perform low-level formatting on the USB flash drive to completely remove the virus. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Run DiskGenius, select the problem U disk, and click "Tools" - "Clear by Sector".

2. Select "Completely fill zero data" and click "OK" to start clearing.

3. After the clearing is completed, use the formatting tool that comes with Windows to format the USB flash drive.

Content extension:

1. Regularly back up important data in the USB flash drive to avoid data loss.

2. Eject the U disk safely to avoid damage to the file system caused by pulling it out directly.

3. Do not open executable files in USB flash drives on public computers to prevent virus infection.

4. The USB flash drive is placed in a dry and cool place to avoid exposure to sunlight, high temperature, humidity and other unfavorable environments.

5. When purchasing a USB flash drive, choose a well-known brand and carefully identify the authenticity to avoid purchasing low-quality products with a high failure rate.


There are three main reasons why the U disk cannot be formatted: physical damage, file system damage and virus infection. If you encounter a situation where formatting fails, you can take corresponding solutions based on different reasons. In daily use, doing a good job of data backup, safe ejection, anti-virus and storage of U disk can effectively reduce the probability of failure to format. Choosing high-quality USB flash drive products is also the key to ensuring the user experience.

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