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How to transition the four-star character of Mingchao? The transition guide for the four-star character of Mingchao

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How to transition the four-star role of Mingchao? There are many Mingchao four-star characters that are relatively powerful, but the protagonist is also worth cultivating. Just cultivate weapons and levels. The current version does not require too high combat power. Many friends still don’t know how to transition to the four-star role of Mingchao. Here is a guide for transitioning to the four-star role of Mingchao. Let’s take a look at it together.

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

How to transition the four-star role of Mingchao

Lineup matching

For most players who don’t have a lot of money, We often have to go through the [Novice Summon] card pool first, and the characters and weapons we get in the [Novice Summon] card pool are the key to our lineup. The principle we follow is that whatever type of four-star weapon we draw, we will train a character corresponding to the weapon type. Among them, there are five types of weapons, namely sound sensor, pistol, long blade, swift knife, and arm armor. Among the characters that we can obtain without character extraction, the weapons are the sound sensor, the swift knife, and the pistol. Giving the spear to Chixia, giving the sound sensor to Bai Zhi, and giving the Swift Knife to Yangyang is a very popular choice route. When the character illustration is not sufficient, Chixia will output on the field, Bai Zhi will provide recovery, and Yangyang will be quick. Cut last shot.

The four-star combination I drew is Tao Qi + four-star long blade*2. Because Tao Qi’s resonance skill has its own recovery, training only one character is enough to get through the early stage relatively smoothly. , if you have a drifter who has the same start as Taoqi, you might as well try it. Heavy attacks come with damage reduction and block counterattacks, which can effectively kill the enemy. Resonance skills also provide recovery, improve battery life, and the resonance liberation attack range is also relatively good. , can be used to deal with situations with many monsters.

Lineup development

Personally, it is recommended that the weapon level be maxed out, and the character levels should be cultivated in the order of Main C>Nanny=Deputy C. At least before the character level is 20, have two 40 Level weapons and two level 40 characters are definitely enough for a comfortable transition.

At the same time, a little tip is provided. The materials required for weapons and character breakthroughs can be obtained in [Sea Market Exchange]. It only requires 90 residual vibration corals, which can save a lot of time.

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

Skill Explanation

There are eight skill branches in Ming Tide, namely normal attack, resonance skill, resonance loop, resonance liberation, variation skill, Sustain skills, voice skills (let's call them this way), and terminal skills.

Normal attacks: including normal attacks and heavy attacks. In the early stage, only the main C will consider upgrading the level.

Resonance skill: a small skill, corresponding to the E button on the PC. It needs to be upgraded according to the importance of the skill. If you are not sure, you can not click it until the character is further conquered. Whether to upgrade it in the early stage will not have a big impact. .

Resonance Liberation: The ultimate move, which corresponds to the R skill on the PC. It is the same as the resonance skill and can be temporarily disabled.

Resonance loop: As shown below, to put it simply, there will be a unique UI display on the blood volume. This UI is the resonance loop of different characters. The resonance loop is where the character obtains specific values ​​through specific operations. Points, special attacks that can be launched by consuming these points, pay great attention to the resonance circuit of the main C.

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

Variation skills/continuation skills: Although they are two branches, they are usually triggered together. During the battle, the icon in the upper right corner will often be displayed in two ways. , as in the first picture, after the white circle is displayed, when we switch from character A to character B, character A's extension skills and character B's variation skills will be triggered. The effects are diverse and need to be adjusted according to the in-game settings. Make your choice on a case-by-case basis.

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

Sound skeleton skills: To put it simply, the first voice skeleton equipped with which kind of sound will get the corresponding skill , in the middle and later stages, you need to choose according to the characteristics of the character. In the early stage, you can use whichever one you like.

鸣潮四星角色怎么过渡 鸣潮四星角色过渡攻略

Terminal skills: They are mostly used in daily exploration, and they are also useful in actual combat. For example, the hook lock can take off briefly to avoid some damage, and perception can discover the weaknesses of monsters, etc. .


Based on my current experience, when the character level is less than 20, a Tao Qi with a level 40 weapon and level and the ability to recover will not have much pressure in daily exploration. Under normal circumstances, the configuration is the same. The strength of the main C+nanny is definitely higher than that of a Tao Qi. In terms of resource allocation, I personally recommend giving priority to allocating certain resources to form a daily exploration team. The daily exploration team can help players better explore and obtain resources, so that they can pursue the roles we want.

The above is the detailed content of How to transition the four-star character of Mingchao? The transition guide for the four-star character of Mingchao. For more information, please follow other related articles on the PHP Chinese website!

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