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Introduction to "Zero Zero" Dengeki Bu Bang Bu

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Zero Zero Denzhi Bu Bangbu Analysis: Denzhi Bu Bangbu in Jue Zone Zero is a powerful auxiliary character with excellent combat capabilities and tactical advantages. PHP editor Strawberry will introduce Denki Bu Bang Bu’s combat capabilities in detail in this article to help you formulate the best tactics and easily conquer the level challenges.

Introduction to Zero Zero Dengeki Bu Bang Bu

Introduction to "Zero Zero" Dengeki Bu Bangbu

Dengeki Bu (A)

How to obtain: Well, coupon drawing ( Free)

Introduction to Zero Zero Dengeki Bu Bang Bu

Active skill: Million Volt!

When the move is activated, charge towards the enemy and perform multiple electric shocks, causing electrical damage.

Extra Ability: Induction of Electricity

Triggered when there are 2 or more characters with electrical attributes in the team: The attribute abnormality accumulation value accumulated by Bangbu's combo skills is increased by 120%.

Bangbu's linked skill: Billions of Volts!

Performs continuous electric shocks to the target, causing electrical damage and accumulating a large amount of electrical abnormal accumulation value.

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